ennVVeno Medical Corporation (NASDAQ: NVNO): KOL Events to Drive Visibility

LifeSci worked to host a KOL Event for enVVeno Medical (NASDAQ:NVNO) on its lead product VenoValve® a new potential treatment paradigm for vascular disease, study enrollment, patient feedback, and prospects for commercial adoption.

enVVeno Medical Corporation became a LifeSci Advisors client in 2021. The teams collaborated to develop and execute a robust, best-in-class investor relations program to engage the investment community and showcase enVVenos developments.


  • This event featured a live virtual presentation featuring two principal investigators from the ongoing VenoValve U.S. pivotal trial: Dr. David Dexter, Sentara Healthcare, Associate Professor Surgery, Easters Virginia Medical School, and Dr. Eric Hager, MD, Co-Director Venous Services & Associate Professor Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Dr. Dexter and Dr. Hager discussed various topics including:
    • Ongoing need for a replacement venous valve technology – approximately 2.5 million patients in the U.S.
    • Unanswered questions about the deep venous system
    • First-hand impressions of the VenoValve after performing several surgical procedures, including patient feedback
    • VenoValve study enrollment
    • Prospects for VenoValve commercial adoption

Using our interactive virtual platform, the event attracted 74 live attendees and 52 replay viewers. Following this event, there was a direct uptick in the stock increasing the share price by 44.1% and volume by 452.57%.