Many of our clients come to us with limited prior investor interaction, often as a result of a change in their business model, which may include recent activities such as the acquisition of additional pipeline products or out licensing of non-core assets. Others come to us following a recent IPO or reverse merger. We have tremendous experience in helping these clients position their stories, and then executing on a plan to gain investor awareness, secure speaking spots at relevant industry events, and increase sell-side analyst coverage.
Foreign listed companies are often at a unique disadvantage with respect to gaining the awareness of U.S.investors. We have helped a number of foreign-listed companies increase their U.S. exposure by implementing a program that includes developing a pitch for a sophisticated US audience, planning a robust one-on-one meeting calendar, and securing research coverage. Our efforts often build momentum for initial investments by the US investor base.
We are uniquely positioned to help private companies that are planning for life as a public company. We believe it is very important to cultivate relationships with institutional investors well in advance of a public offering, or even mezzanine offering with crossover investors. We have been successful in achieving that goal for our private company clients.