Vyne Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VYNE): Investor Relations Program

VYNE Therapeutics is pioneering the development of next-generation therapeutics designed to address multiple immuno-inflammatory (I&I) conditions. LifeSci Advisors has served as strategic investor relations advisor to VYNE since 2014. In 2021, the company announced a strategic redirection and LifeSci Advisors has worked extensively to support VYNE in its transition to an Immunology & Inflammation company, helping to attract top-tier US institutional investors in a transaction that gives VYNE cash runway until the end of 2025.

Vyne Therapeutics engaged LifeSci Advisors in a strategic partnership to elevate its presence among global investors since 2014.


• Thorough market research, including landscape analysis & peer company reviews, was conducted to refine VYNE’s equity narrative. This involved assessing clinical development timelines, data curves, and market opportunities to better align with investor expectations.

• Regular investor perception audits and quarterly shareholder analysis were conducted, alongside global investor targeting initiatives. These efforts aimed to gauge investor sentiment, track institutional buyers & sellers, and bolster Vyne’s cap table.

• Tailored marketing campaigns were launched, including global non-deal-roadshows, High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI)/Family Office Events, I&I focused conferences (such as LifeSci’s I&I Symposium), and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Events. These initiatives were strategically scheduled throughout the corporate calendar to reinforce messaging, manage data expectations, and enhance Vyne’s visibility within the I&I community.

On October 30, 2023, Vyne Therapeutics announced a transformative Private Placement of $88 Million, exceeding 8x the company’s market cap. This capital injection funds Vyne’s BET inhibitor programs for VYN201 and VYN202 through 2025. LifeSci, on behalf of Vyne Therapeutics, LifeSci successfully organized multiple Non-deal-Roadshows attracting notable funds across the US from 2019-2022. Participation from leading fundamental healthcare investors underscored confidence in Vyne’s InhiBET platform, validating its stature in the I&I space. Vyne Therapeutics’ NASDAQ (VYNE) valuation surged from $8M USD pre-PIPE deal to $55M USD post-transaction, demonstrating significant investor confidence and market recognition.