HNW / Retail Broker Value Proposition

  1. We provide exposure to non-institutional investment managers throughout the United States and the European Union / Israel.
  2. We have pre-screened these non-institutional investors. We know they invest in the life science sectors through open market purchases and participate in equity/debt offerings.
  3. These non-institutional investors include wealth managers, family offices and registered investment advisors (RIAs). They are often neglected by traditional investor relations firms/investment banks, but who often manage more money than hedge funds or mutual funds.
  4. We build investor interest in your company through our proprietary targeting process.
  5. Our pre-screened relationships are characterized by their decisive and quick investment decision-making with respect to life science companies.
  6. We drive awareness of your company in this segment, which improves trading liquidity, expands the shareholder base, and drives share price.