The Company specializes in the development of new monoclonal antibodies targeting receptors and pathways controlling the activation of innate immunity cells. The mechanisms controlling these cells were described at the end of the 90’s, notably by the teams of the scientists who founded Innate Pharma. On the basis of this science, Innate Pharma develops drug candidates with immuno-stimulating properties in cancer and with immuno-blocking properties in inflammatory conditions. Furthermore, many of the ligands to the innate immunity receptors are expressed on tumor cells, opening the way to the development of directly cytotoxic antibodies. The Company’s most advanced monoclonal antibody, lirilumab, is licensed to Bristol-Myers Squibb for a potential $455 million. Lirilumab is in Phase II trials for AML patients and Phase I trials in combination with other immunomodulating drugs in patients with solid tumors. Another monoclonal antibody program, developed in inflammation, is licensed to Novo-Nordisk A/S and is currently in Phase I trials. Two pre-clinical programs are being developed in cancer and inflammation. Innate Pharma’s key expertise is in immunopharmacology and antibody technology. The Company has a large panel of molecular and cellular assays and in vivo models for assessing the pharmacodynamics, the pharmacotoxicology and efficacy of drug candidates. In addition, Innate Pharma has access to a very large set of unique research tools in cellular immunology through its worldwide network of scientific collaborations. Incorporated in 1999 and listed on NYSE-Euronext in Paris in 2006, Innate Pharma is based in Marseilles, France, and had 82 employees as of December 31, 2012. Novo Nordisk A/S, the French Sovereign Fund (“FSI”) and Alta Partners are its major shareholders.

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