We have extensive experience in all aspects of life sciences finance, including institutional sales, capital markets, investment banking, investor and public relations, sell-side analysis, and buy-side analysis.  We have an equally strong foundation in the life sciences (6 Ph.D.s on staff), which enables us to understand our clients’ R&D, regulatory, and commercial strategy. The combination of financial service and life science expertise allow us to best serve our clients’ needs.


Morgen Alden
Joyce Allaire
Paul Arndt
William C. Begien
Moran Meir-Beres
Niki Dilger
Patrick Dolezal
Matthew P. Duffy
Frank Gaul
Tara Hartigan
Jerry Isaacson, Ph.D.
Chris Maggos
Andrew I. McDonald, Ph.D.
Ed McSorley
Angela Qian
Michael Rice
Brian Ritchie
Tom Rorke
Ed Salmon
David Sherman, Ph.D.
Sam Slutsky
Hans Vitzthum
Michael Wood
Bob Yedid