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About Stock Investing

Investing in stocks, especially low priced or small capitalization stocks, is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investment in such stocks may be entirely lost or substantially impaired. Such stocks are often thinly traded, meaning that large sell orders will have a substantially negative impact on share price. The stocks of these companies are frequently less liquid than those of companies that have a larger and more substantial public float of outstanding shares. This means that investors in small capitalization and/or less liquid companies may experience difficulty in selling shares and selling shares may result in a decline in market price. Some of these stocks could go bankrupt due to lack of funds or the SEC could halt trading in them. Before investing in small capitalization and/or less liquid companies, investors are advised to seek qualified, licensed, professional advice in order to secure knowledge of the special risks and hazards associated with trading low-priced, high-risk stocks. Certainly no investor should invest in these companies if the investor cannot afford to suffer the entire loss of his or her investment. There is no guarantee, and LifeSci Advisors does not warrant, that companies profiled or discussed will continue to trade on their current exchange. Information regarding investments is available from the Securities and Exchange Commission at and, from the National Association of Securities Dealers at, and from the OTCBB at Information specifically related to microcap stocks is available at LifeSci Advisors is not affiliated with any of these organizations.