ZS Pharma – About the Company

ZS Pharma is a private pharmaceutical company developing highly selective ion-trap therapies addressing serious medical conditions. The Company’s lead candidate is ZS-9, an inorganic crystal of zirconium silicate for the treatment of hyperkalemia, a disorder of excess potassium in the blood. ZS-9 is being developed for both acute and chronic hyperkalemia patients, and the Company released positive Phase III clinical trial data in 2013 demonstrating that ZS-9 can significantly reduce serum potassium levels in hyperkalemia patients. An additional, short-term maintenance trial will be launched in 2014 to monitor the effectiveness of the drug over 1-3 months. ZS Pharma could be in a position to file an NDA by early 2015.

ZS Pharma is also pursuing the discovery of additional drug candidates that utilize selective ion-trap technology for the treatment of liver disease.