Actinium – About the Company

Actinium Pharmaceuticals is developing cancer therapies that link the precision targeting capabilities of mAbs to the cell killing properties of radioisotopes. These components can be combined to address a variety of indications. The Company’s lead program Iomab-B is being developed for bone marrow conditioning prior to transplant in older AML patients with few treatment options. Iomab-B selectively targets bone marrow cells with potentially fewer systemic side effects than chemotherapy or total body irradiation. A Phase III study is expected to begin in mid-2015. Actinium has a platform technology for linking the alpha particle emitter Actinium-225 to mAbs and has programs in development for several indications. The most advanced program, currently in a Phase I/II study, is Actimab-A in combination with chemotherapy for newly diagnosed AML. Interim results were recently reported and a clinical abstract will be published online in the journal Blood.