Mission Statement

The LifeSci Advisory Board on Gender Diversity is focused on helping life science companies recognize the value of gender diversity at senior executive and board levels, and on increasing the visibility of talented, skilled and qualified women and business leaders. The LifeSci Advisory Board on Gender Diversity will work toward measurable results, including increasing the number of women on corporate boards and in executive positions in public and private life sciences companies, providing more networking and mentoring opportunities for mid- and senior level female professionals in the life sciences industry, and encouraging young women’s involvement in STEM fields. We believe that by generating awareness and visibility around data showing higher success rates for companies who have talented women in leadership positions, we can create a more successful life science industry as a whole.

Advisory Board

Barbara Piette – Co-Chair
Robin L. Smith, MD, MBA – Co-Chair
Nicole Vitullo
Annalisa Jenkins, MBBS, FRCP
Steve Bates
June Almenoff MD, PhD
Renee Gala
Ursula M. Ney, PhD, MBA
Valerie B. Palmieri
Faith Charles, JD
Sara Demy
Kate Bingham
Amy Millman
Nazira Amra, MD, MBA